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Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland

Automatic Gates Bearsden

Ironcraft Steel Fabrications design, install and service automatic gates to meet the individual needs of our clients acoss the Bearsden area.

These gates are highly popular and have been used in residential, commercial and industrial situations.

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The benefits of automatic gates at your Bearsden home or business

Automatic gates offer all kinds of advantages and benefits, some of which are more important to some people than others. They are, however, a worthwhile investment at any property:


You not live in a crime-ridden area – in fact, across Scotland as a whole violent crime is thought to be on the decrease – but, there may be times when you are home alone, or you have other concerns about leaving your property unattended. Some business people will leave their homes empty for several day, weeks or even months as they travel on business and so on.
Automatic gates at Bearsden properties offer a welcome additional layer of security. People who have less than honest intentions will find the scaling of automatic gates an issue; in all likelihood, they will move from your property to look for an easier target.


In many cases, parking on the road or close to it, can also lead to damage of your vehicle, from a passing vehicle knocking off your wing mirror to deliberate vandalism.
With car insurance on the increase, many car drivers are doing all kinds of things to make their insurance premiums lower, from the installation of a black box to monitor driving quality to parking their car in a safe place.
Parking it on the driveway will decrease your insurance premium by a marginal amount, but parking it on a driveway behind automatic gates will have a further impact on reducing your insurance premiums.

Property insurance

There may also be the possibility that the installation of automatic gates at your Bearsden home or business will also reduce property and contents insurance.
Insurance providers assess risk – in other words, if they think that they are more likely to pay out under and insurance policy, they will charge more and vice versa – but automatic gates at any Bearsden property send a clear message: this property is well protected.


But as well as all these safety and security considerations, many people opt for automatic gates at their Bearsden home or business because they are convenient.
They are convenient as they offer an extra layer of security that can be easily operated, and quickly too. There is no need to be getting in and out of your car, lorry, van etc. to open and close gates.

If you are considering automatic gates at your Bearsden property, there are many other benefits too; to find out what they are, call us.

Please contact us to discuss your automatic gates requirements in the Bearsden area.

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