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Ironcraft Steel Fabrications provide an automatic gates design, build, installation and repair service to the Coatbridge area.

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Automatic gates at your Coatbridge home - are they safe?

There are many articles and concerns still being raised with regard to the safety of electric or automatic gates. As a result of accident, incidents and worries, the health and safety features around gates, as well as their manufacture and installation, have been tightened and improved.

As the property owner, and a high quality installer, it is imperative that automatic gates at your property are not only convenient to use, but safe for you, your family and any visitors to your home.

Don't cut corners!

It can be tempting, especially when finances are tight, to cut corners to make it more affordable but with automatic gates at your Coatbridge property, this is not the best idea as the safe working of the gates could be compromised, leading to injury or worse.

Be safe!

A high quality installer of automatic gates will first carry out a risk assessment at your property, assessing the potential hazards that may cause problems with your gates; for example, you will need to ensure, for your own peace of mind that the gates have all the correct safety features to prevent the crushing of children etc. But what are the hazards?

  • Collision - opening or closing are the two times that present the danger of the gates colliding with people, vehicles, animals etc. This can be negated by assessing the best way for the gates to complete this movement safely; for example either sliding or swinging open and closed.
  • The design - many people opt for ornate automatic gates to complement their Coatbridge property. On one hand, they can look stunning BUT on the other, it might be possible to people to catch their clothing and be hooked along as the gate opens or closes. You will need to consider this if, for example, you gate border onto busy public highways.
  • Crushing - many older style gates did have sensors or alarms to prevent people or animals being crushed as they swung closed or open. Now, all gates must be fitted with pressure sensors that stop this from happening. There also needs to be a ‘gap’ at the ends of the panels (if they swing open) to prevent crushing between gate and wall, for example.
  • Electric shock - automatic gates at your Coatbridge property will have a 230V supply of power (unless solar powered!) and their installation will need to meet electrical requirements too; clearly, poor electrical installation will not only affect how well your gates work but can present a significant hazard to users, as well as passers-by.

However, there is no doubt that automatic gates at your Coatbridge property will add security, along with visually appealing gates that are convenient and easy to operate BUT,, you MUST get them installed properly by professionals!

Please contact us to discuss your automatic gates requirements in the Coatbridge area.

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