Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland

Automatic Gates Glasgow

Ironcraft Steel Fabrications design, install and service automatic gates to meet the individual needs of our clients acoss the Glasgow area.

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Status or security? Why ARE people opting for automatic gates at their Glasgow properties?

Watch any news piece concerning the lives of the rich or famous, and you will inevitably see an executive vehicle leaving the driveway, with automatic gates slowly shutting behind. It seems that everyone who is anyone has them, from the Prime Minister to footballing celebrities.

Some people need them for security, whilst others feel they like the appeal of automatic gates at their Glasgow property but with figures suggesting that the sale of gates has increased by 30% a year, why are they becoming the latest 'aspiration accessory' for properties?

Gated communities

Gated communities were the brain child of a crime officer many years ago that prevented criminal gangs from using the small 'snickets' or lanes running along the sides and back of houses on housing estates as their run to and from their criminal activities.

Placing gates across the entry and exit through which residents would access their estate but leaving the criminals and the gangs out, soon fostered a sense of security that increased community spirit and confidence in gaining back control of their estates.

The idea stuck with many new developments across the UK enjoying the security of gates, automatic and keyless entry. It seems that homeowners are also now opting for automatic gates at their Glasgow properties, for both the effect they produce - the feeling of expectation as they slowly swing open - and to give off a strong message, akin to a pack of hounds patrolling the perimeter, that says "stay out!"

Will they add value to your property?

It depends on how potential buyers view the structure but, a well-made and designed gate, automatic or otherwise, that fits well with the property and the surrounding landscape surely adds visual appeal. The fact that automatic gates at Glasgow properties could also add a certain sense of grandeur might be no bad thing either.

What about budget?

As with all home improvements, there is a variety of option when it comes to budget from the electric arms that fit to existing gates that are opened by remote control to more sophisticated (and possibly more reliable) automatic gates for your Glasgow property.

Automatic gates are a brilliant investment but if you are looking to revamp the exterior of your property or landscape the garden, take a look at what these gates could add to your ideas and designs.

Please contact us to discuss your automatic gates requirements in the Glasgow area.

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