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Automatic Gates Dundee

Ironcraft Steel Fabrications design, install and service automatic gates to meet the individual needs of our clients acoss the Dundee area.

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Automatic Gates Dundee- Keeping everyone safe in and around your Dundee property

There has been a lot written on automatic gates - or electric gates as they are sometimes referred to - in recent years, here in the UK. Unfortunately, some of the changes came too late after people were hurt after being 'caught' in an opening or closing gate but, as a result there are some stringent guidelines that must be followed.

If you are thinking of investing in automatic gates for your Dundee home, then make sure you keep yourself and everyone else safe.

From 2010 onwards, there was some stringent guidelines from a health and safety point of view that automatic gates at your Dundee property must meet and, as the homeowner, are responsible should any by hurt as result of your gates not meet such requirements; this is why if you are thinking of installing gates - or already have gates of this kind - that you involve a reputable company in installing and maintaining them.

  • Estimates suggest that two thirds of automatic gates already in existence across the UK do not meet current legislation and therefore, pose a risk - are your automatic gates at your Dundee property pre-2010? Call us now.
  • There is a group that consists of 68 leading British and European manufacturers of automatic gates and their component parts who are proactive in making sure automatic gates are safe and correctly installed
  • As a result, a new diploma on 'powered gate safety' was introduced and automatic and electric gates specialist are invited to sit the qualification, creating an industry-standard qualification, as seen in many other professions
  • All automatic gates installed at Dundee properties, and beyond, should be risk-assessed first so that any hazards are identified. The gates should then minimise any risks, dangers and hazards whilst working safely and conveniently for the home owner.
  • The court ruling from 2010 saw the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) decide that anyone installing or working on automatic gate systems should not do so unless they had knowledge of the current safety guidelines and all the correct equipment; this in particular, affected those maintenance companies looking after gated developments
  • There are many groups working together to make sure that people are aware of the safety issues around automatic gates, especially those installed many years ago and may now not meet the current, basic safety guidelines

Automatic gates at your Dundee property should offer your safety, security and convenience but, you need to make sure that they meet all the current health and safety guidelines; contact Ironcraft for a risk assessment and discuss your requirements.

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