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Ironcraft Steel Fabrications design, install and service automatic gates to meet the individual needs of our clients acoss the Falkirk area.

These gates are highly popular and have been used in residential, commercial and industrial situations.

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How automatic gates at your property could open and close - what are the options?

There are many different kinds of automatic gates, from those used in industrial and commercial settings, as well as those used at educational establishments for increased security. Automatic gates at domestic properties can be a great addition, making property more secure, as well as being convenient to operate.

Depending on various factors, you could have several choices as to how your gates open and close, with the two main option being swinging open or sliding gates.

Automatic gates: swinging open and shut at your home

Many clients prefer their gates to swing open and shut, but there needs to be adequate room for them to do this. The gates will need to swing open and shut into your own driveway and not into the public highway. Unless you have the width of driveway and ample room for them to operate, then this may not be an option.

You may also notice on some automatic gates that have a swing movement they also have a gap between the gate the nearest wall or fence; this is to prevent crushing of people, animals and other objects between a fully open gate and a wall or fence. Again, this adds to the amount of space needed to have full operational swinging gates.

Sliding gates: a great space saver

As a result, many people opt for sliding automatic gates at their Falkirk property. Requiring less space to open and close, they run along a 'track' or path along a fence-line or all. Again, they need to be installed by a professional company so that all the necessary safety features can be installed, such as pressure sensors that stop the gates if they detect an obstacle in their path.

Stylish design

Many people opt for metal automatic gates at their Falkirk home, as it means they can still see the road, pavement etc. at the front of their property and have them made in the same style as any fence that may border their property too.

There are many different variations of design to choose from too, or you can create your very own bespoke design!

Do automatic gates need maintaining?

To ensure that not only do your gates remain fully operational, but also safe to current health and safety guidelines, it pays to have them maintained every now and then!

Automatic gates can offer the Falkirk homeowner so many benefits and advantages. People feel safer, knowing that there is a sturdy barrier at the end of their drive, as well as offer enhance kerb appeal to a property.

Why not take a closer look?

Please contact us to discuss your automatic gates requirements in the Falkirk area.

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