Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Automatic Gates-Glasgow,Scotland

Automatic Gates Paisley

Ironcraft Steel Fabrications design, install and service automatic gates to meet the individual needs of our clients acoss the Paisley area.

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Facts about iron you may not know - and why it is THE perfect material for automatic gates at your properties (and beyond!)

Iron is one of the elements you will come across in pure form; it is not only essential for our own health but it is also brilliant for forging into useful, everyday objects, from indoor equipment to automatic gates at Paisley properties.

  • Iron has been used for over 5,000 years with the name derived from the Anglo-Saxon word 'iron' and he Scandinavian word for metal, 'iarn'.
  • You will find iron in the Periodic Table listed as Fe, which comes from the Latin word for iron, which is 'ferrum'
  • It is plentiful supply, compromising around 5.6% of the earth's crust - no danger of it running out before you order automatic gates for your Paisley pad!
  • As well as a whole variety of uses, iron is also used to make steel, an alloy (mix) of iron and a small amount of carbon. According to ancient sources, man has been making steel for 4,000 years.
  • Iron is not always magnetic and this due to the presence on differing allotropes within the structure; when one type is present the magnetism disappears although the structure remains the same!
  • It is hard to think that when you look at the beauty of automatic gates at Paisley properties made from iron that plants, animals and humans needs small amounts of iron to remain healthy; in humans, we need it in our blood to transport the all-important oxygen around our body so that we can, literally, keep moving!
  • However, despite it being essential it is also toxic in large quantities to both humans, plants and animals. Too much iron in the blood can damage proteins - 60mgs per kg of body weight is lethal.

Did you know...?

Iron comes from the stars? Scientists know now that iron is form via a fusion process in stars that have sufficient mass, in other words, they are big enough to create and maintain this fusion process. The sun, along with other planets and stars contain significant amount of iron.

But why use iron for automatic gates at your property?

Because it is a material that simply offers you everything - it is robust, strong and durable. With only a small amount of maintenance, it will last for decades and, along with the increased security that only automatic gates can offer, it will look good, adding a certainly timeless elegance to the appearance of your property.

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