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Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland

Electric Gates Airdrie

The convenience of electric gates at your Airdrie home

What benefits can the installation of electric gates bring to your Airdrie property? Are they just a gimmick or an addition that brings real benefit?

The gimmick

Of course, we have all watched celebrities and politicians, amongst others, intent of preserving privacy and security, and leave their properties with the grand sweeping gesture of electric gates. This can make them seem little gimmicky; all you need is a vehicle with blacked out windows and you can look like a celebrity.

But, there are many benefits to electric gates at your Airdrie property, three of which we list here:


We have already alluded to this with our celebrity status and electric gates gimmick. But, it is true to say that one of the main reasons why people choose to invest in such gates is that they do afford the property far more security that ‘ordinary’ gates or, no gates at all.

Electric gates can only be opened by people authorised to do so. So, if you have keypad entry, then the only people who can gain access are those that you give the code too. For your vehicles, you can also be equipped with remote controllers that open the gates as and when you enter or exit in your vehicle.

Gates are a great deterrent, but electric gates are even better in that they take a lot of applied pressure to break through or force open.

Long lasting

Investing in electric gates is a long term purchase. In other words, the security and the convenience will be something that you enjoy for many, many years to come.

However, with this convenience and security comes responsibility. As the homeowner and operator of the gates, you need to ensure that you invest is in full working order, all the time and conforms to current safety guidelines. Should there be an accident – someone accidentally caught in the gates – should the investigation conclude that the gates were not safe, then you could face a hefty fine.

Safety is one consideration but, if you want your gates to work effortlessly and with minimum breakdowns, then getting them serviced and maintained to a high standard is the solution.

Practical & Convenient

And finally, electric or automatic gates are convenient. No more contending with the weather or getting in and out your car to open or close gates.

Electric gates at your Airdrie property will bring improved security, longevity and convenience… and a dash of style too.

Please contact us to discuss your electric gates requirements in the Airdrie area.

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