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Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland

Electric Gates Ayr

What can electric gates add to your property?

Gates and fences are a way of physically marking the boundary edge of your 'land' or property, and is an accepted method of doing so that has been in existence for centuries.

Even though modern housing may be very different from the properties and land boundaries of many years ago, there is still very much a need for gates and fences today. However, for many Ayr customers, the addition of electric gates at their property is a much-needed addition.

And, with so many benefits, it is no wonder that an increasing number of Ayr properties are benefitting from electric gates...

Visual appeal - there is 'something' that electric gates add to an Ayr property. There is an understated decadence and sense of luxury about electric or automatic gates add to any property. They smooth working mechanism, either sliding or sweeping open and closed, is a pleasure to watch; slow, languid movements.

Be-fitting your property - regardless of the material from which they are made, electric gates at an Ayr property fit with its aesthetic appeal. In other words, the gates compliment the look and appearance of your home... or they should.

Material - the material that you choose for the electric gates at your Ayr property is important. Many people, although they are installing gates for both privacy and security, like to be able to see to their boundary edge. Iron railings and gates make perfect sense, in this case; you can see who is at your boundary and they have some vision of your property but still have a very clear message to wait for authorisation before they step foot inside...

Security - for many people, security and personal safety is a must and this is why they invest in electric gates at their Ayr homes or business. This is not to imply that everyone wants to do you harm or the neighbourhood in which you live is unsafe, riddled with crime! Far from it! It is about adding an extra layer of protection, and therefore an extra layer of peace of mind for YOU.

Convenience - however, if nothing else, the convenience that automatic or electric gates at a property brings is second to none. No longer is there a need to get out the car, open the gate, back in the car, drive through, get out the car, close the gates – you know the routine – and then to repeat the whole process in reverse as you re-enter your drive as a simply touch of a button, or a quick tap of the key code entry system and you gates wing or slide open. Perfect for when the weather is bad too...

Electric gates at any Ayr property are a welcome addition, why not as your property too?

Please contact us to discuss your electric gates requirements in the Ayr area.

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