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Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland

Electric Gates Cumbernauld

Ironcraft Steel Fabrications design, install and service electric gates to meet the individual needs of our clients acoss the Cumbernauld area.

Why invest in electric gates for your Cumbernauld property?

Electric gates for your Cumbernauld property can solve many solutions but, why opt for them over and above 'ordinary' manual gates? There are many benefits to installing such gates at any property...


There is no doubt the additional security and peace of mind that electric gates installed at Cumbernauld properties offer.

With car crime, vandalism etc. prevalent in many areas, parking your vehicle off the road and on your driveway is one solution. Gates acts as an effective barrier and with them being powered by electricity, you can afford to purchase taller, heavier gates.

Thieves are opportunist in nature. Strolling past a driveway where the garage is open, they may be tempted by the family bikes but, with strong gates in the way, they will more than likely move on, and choose another property without such a barrier.

Feel safer

If members of the family are often home along, especially at night, the installation of electric gates at your Cumbernauld home can help bring peace of mind. Again, forming a barrier both physically and psychologically, people who want to gain access to your home but first ask - and instead of being stood on the front door step, they are stood at the end of the driveway. If you don’t want them to come on to your property, you don’t open the gates.


In the depth of winter, it can be a real inconvenience to be in and out the vehicle to open the gates, dive through and then to get out again and shut the gates - the whole time, being drenched by the rain and battered by the wind.

If nothing else, electric gates installed at your Cumbernauld offer unrivalled convenience and reliability – especially if serviced regularly by the same professional company.


But, who could deny the appeal of electric gates?

They ooze opulence, luxury and class. There is nothing that says elegance more than electric gates at a Cumbernauld property swinging or sliding open, gracefully and slowly for a car to emerge from the driveway, or one to swing on to it.

You may think that this is too much but, consider the value of your property. Many people struggle to sell their homes, especially if it is in a crowded price range. You need to set your property apart from others, making it a popular prospect – and electric gates could be that additional detail that clinches the deal.

First impressions

And thus, the driveway to your home is the first impression people have of you and your property; imagine the first impression electric gates at your Cumbernauld will have...

Please contact us to discuss your electric gates requirements in the Paisley area.

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