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Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland

Electric Gates Dumfries

Your Guide to Electric Gates

Offering unparalleled convenience, electric gates are incredibly popular. And these facts may surprise you!

Did You Know...?

... Electric gates are incredibly safe to use at domestic, commercial and other properties such as schools and colleges?

Safety is clearly a concern for the home and business owners, as well as organisation such as schools and colleges who use these gates are a means of keeping their property safe and secure.

There have been tragic instances of people being caught in gates and with no safety features attached to their operation, being crushed is a possibility. As a result, there were changes in regulations relating to the operating of these gates;

  • No crush zone – there needs to be a space into which a person, child or animal can fit should the gates start to open with no warning.
  • Motion sensors – as the gates move, the beam should remain unbroken between the motion sensors on either side of the operating arc; if the beam is broken, the gates should stop and not resume operation until the beam is restored.
  • Maintenance – the property owner is responsible for the safety and maintenance of these gates if they are using them as automatic or electric gates, even if they did not install them.

... You will not get locked in or out should the power fail!

A common concern and one that we can lay to rest! Electric gates are, in the main, connected directly to a power supply. But in the background is a battery with stored power that is maintained by the system. Should there be a power cut or a brownout, this battery kicks into action.

There is enough power in this battery for several operations of the gates, and more than enough to keep the gates working until power is restored.
You can also use solar power with these gates too.

The system is similar: the solar panels harvest the sun’s energy, storing it in a battery which springs into life when the gates are required.

... There are several means of operating the gates

You can use a fob to swipe your way in or a keypad, complete with a code which you can change from time to time to keep your property secure. It is also possible to have sensors in vehicles that alert the gates you are in the vicinity and to trigger their opening.

... The gates must either swing or glide open on your property

This means making sure you have bespoke designed electric gates for yourproperty. Gates that’s wing open will need an arc of operation of at least 6 feet but if space is tight, opt for a graceful sliding opening for your gates.

We can help you get the right gates for your property, and at the right price – just call our team on 0141 883 8383.

Please contact us to discuss your electric gates requirements in the Dumfries area.

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