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Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland

Electric Gates Fife

How do electric gates at Fife properties work?

Electric gates at Fife properties are a great way of adding security to your property, as well as adding style and finesse. They complement any style of property, and with a range of materials available to make the gates themselves, there really is a wide range of choice.

Gates are a way of sending a message to people and that is, a property is out of bounds. Electric gates at Fife properties are an added layer of protection too. For example, if you are frequently on your own in the house, wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing that only people you invite or allow access can come on to your property?

How are electric gates at Fife properties powered?

Electric gates can receive power in two ways – form mains electric or power harvested from solar energy.

  • Mains – clearly, it pays to have professional electricians to install the power to your gates so that all outside junction boxes are waterproof and so on. However, in effect, when powered in this way, the gates are reliably connected to the main power supply. In some systems, they are also fitted with batteries, with their charge maintained through the mains. Should there be a power outage – rare, but it can happen – there is still enough power to operate the gates for some time.
  • Solar powered – increasingly common is a solar powered system. Solar energy is all around during every day time hour, whether the sun is blazing in the sky or the day is overcast and grey. Solar panels are now so sophisticated that they have harvest a large amount of solar energy every day, charging batteries that then provide the power to open and close the gates. Many people are using this system to also provide lighting on driveways too, adding another layer of security.

The safety features of electric gates at Fife homes

Gates need to operate safely;

  • Motion detectors are used to detect if there is anything in the path of an open or closing gate. If there is, they will stop.
  • If they feel resistance to their movement they will also stop. In other words, when the gates are operational, if someone was to be in the way, all it would take is a push against the swinging or sliding gate and it would stop.

And yet, it takes the pressure of a medium sized elephant to gain unauthorised access by leaning on them when they are closed.

Electric gates at Fife properties can add a much-needed additional layer of protection – why not call for a quotation?

Please contact us to discuss your electric gates requirements in the Fife area.

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