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Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
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Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland
Ironcraft-Electric Gates, Edinburgh, Scotland

Electric Gates St Andrews

Questions and answers on installing electric gates at your St Andrews property

Automatic or electric gates at any property are a worthwhile investment but many people have questions regarding their installation and maintenance. Here we answer a few but, if you have more why not call us?

Do I need planning permission to install electric gates at my St Andrews property?

In the main, no but there may be times when it is a prudent move to check with the local planning department.

For example, the opening and closing mechanism must be on or into your own property. If you opt for a swinging mechanism, the gate will need to open in to your property and not across a pavement or onto a road. This clearly presents a health and safety hazard to pedestrians and passing vehicles.

You may also need to place a sign that advises people the gates are electric and liable to open and close. Many such gates are also silent in operation thus, they can startle people when they suddenly start moving.

What kind of maintenance is involved?

There is very little maintenance involved but, the little that there is, is important.

You are responsible for the safe operation of the gates hence, they need to be in tip top working condition. This safety of operation means that anyone using them is safe to do so as if anything happens to them, crushed or trapped, for example, you will be held responsible.

Are electric gates safe?

Yes, modern, professional installed electric gates at St Andrews properties are safe to use on a frequent and daily basis.

They operate with a crush-free zone, and will also stop when they detect movement or feel a resistance to their opening and closing mechanism. Older style automatic gates can be modified and updated to include these features – in fact, they should have already undergone this in certain situations.

Can I ever be locked out or in?

This is a fear of many people and rarely, if ever, happens! Most people opt for both keypad and remote entry and thus, if one fails the other works.

We can also help in the unlikely event that the gates become jammed etc., or remotes are lost or there is a malfunction with the key pad. Electric gates are made to enhance convenience and ability to use your driveway securely and thus, their failure rate is very low.

Do you have more questions about electric gates at your St Andrews home? Call us as we have the answers!

Please contact us to discuss your electric gates requirements in the St Andrews area.

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