Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Ayr,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Ayr,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Ayr,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Ayr,Scotland

Security Fencing Ayr

Ironcraft Steel Fabrication provide a security fencing design and installation service to the Ayr area.

The right kind of security fencing for your Ayr property

It can seem like an easy decision – you want to increase security at your property thus, security fencing makes sense. But there are all kinds of different fencing, some of which look more stylish than others. Either way, you want a security fence that is within budget and does the job that you need it to do.

But how do you get the right security fencing for your Ayr property?

Essentially, this means asking a series of questions...

Is the fence for your home or at a commercial premises?

Protecting your home is just as important as protecting a business but the type and styles of fence can be very different. Tall, 12foot plus fences, with coils of barbed or razor wire would look out of place at a country pad, but sit perfectly well within an industrial estate.

There are also some options that may not be suitable for a home security fence, such as electrified fencing which can cause problems to passers-by as well as your family!

Are some areas more vulnerable than others?

The one thing to note about security fencing is that one size does not fit all, and neither is having the same type of fencing around the perimeter. They may be some areas that require a different type as they are considered vulnerable areas, and possibly as a result, will be the favoured location for people to attempt to gain unauthorised access.

What other security systems do you have in place?

We find that businesses and homeowners usually rely on a combination of security measures to protect their property and family, such as CCTV, intruder alarms, security personnel and so on. When this is the case, you need the security fencing to be convenient for use. If something is a nuisance, people are less likely to use which defeats the object of installing security fencing at your Ayr property!

What budget do you have?

Investing in security fencing is investing in your own protection, that of your family or your workforce, as well as high value items and products. Understanding the level of protection, you need and reconciling this with your budget is the best way of getting what you need at the price you can afford.

Another important aspect to consider is installation cost. For all types of security fencing that presents the deterrent that you need, working with a local firm to design and install your boundary fencing is essential.

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