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Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Dundee,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Dundee,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing-Dundee,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Dundee,Scotland

Security Fencing Dundee

Ironcraft Steel Fabrication provide a security fencing design and installation service to the Dundee area.

What you need to know about security fencing at your Dundee property?

From commercial premises of all kinds to domestic properties, there are many reasons why people opt to install security fencing. Making sure you get the right fence is important and, as a result, you will have many questions.

Are there standards, planning issues or responsibilities that need to be met when installing security fencing at Dundee properties?

There are some factors of which you need to be aware. The following is a guide only and we always advise that local planning restrictions are taking in to account before a security fence is installed.

  • If security fencing at a Dundee property is to be over 2 metres in height, you will probably need planning permission. The same is true of gates and trellis panels that are added to the fence. If you add things such as rolls of razor or barbed wire, this could technically count toward the 2 metre height restriction.
  • Some people add an extra layer of defence by growing a thorny shrub or plant along the top edge of the fence. In most cases, although it can differ, this plant will not count as part of the 2 metre restriction. In other words, you could install a fence at 2 metres high, and then add a plant but, you will need to check local planning.
  • If, however, you intend installing security fencing along a public highway, you may find that you will need planning permission if the fence will be taller than 1 metre. But again, you will need to check with the local planning department.
  • Some home owners like to add fencing to their property not only as an additional security feature, but also as a means of marking a boundary. However, if you live in an area in which the front gardens, for example, are open plan, you mind find that there is a local covenant preventing the erection of any kind of fence, no matter how high or low you intend it to be.
  • Listed buildings, both commercial and domestic, can also have covenants that relate to the erection of fencing. In most cases, if you want to install security fencing at a listed property in Dundee, you will need planning permission.
  • Many people assume that the natural boundary of a property belongs to them but, have found out to their expense that this is not the case. If you own the property, the deeds will be clear with there the boundary edge to your property lies. You must only erect a fence on your own land!

If you are thinking of security fencing at your Dundee property, why not contact Ironcraft Steel Fabrications for a free quotation?

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