Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Dunfermline,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Dunfermline,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Dunfermline,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Dunfermline,Scotland

Security Fencing Dunfermline

Ironcraft Steel Fabrication provide a security fencing design and installation service to the Dunfermline area.

How to get the right security fencing for your Dunfermline property or business

No two businesses are the same. They are rarely based in the same place. No two businesses need the same type of security fencing.

In order to get the right fencing for your property, you first need to understand what your needs are. This means conducting an audit to assess a variety of factors and variables. It is important to do this so that you get the ideal security fencing solution for you!

#1 What is the purpose of the fence?

In some ways, this may seem obvious – to keep out unauthorised people and intruders – but there will be a certain level at which this is prioritised. For some businesses. Security fencing is part of a measures of security activities that protect high value assets and products. For other businesses, the need may be less pronounced.

In other words, electrified security fencing for your Dunfermline may be an over statement.

#2 What is the traffic flow on and off your property?

All security measures that you take, including fencing, need to take into account how convenient it is for you to operate the system. A system that is too cumbersome to use and a nuisance will fall out favour quickly.

Again, using the example of electrified fencing, if people have to keep turning it on and off several times a day they will switch it off and leave it, defeating the object of installing it.

#3 Are there points of your property more vulnerable than others?

We have a habit of seeing all our property as being the same but it may be that there are some aspect of your perimeter that may need more protection than others. Dark corners or parts of the boundary that are not covered on CCTV may be in need of an additional layer of security.

#4 What is the likelihood of an intrusion?

This will also help to shape the type of security you have at your premises, including security fencing. If the stakes are high and the possibility of people attempting to gain unauthorised access, then investing in the highest possible standard of security fencing you can afford is a clear winner in terms of options.

In other words, this part of the audit is assessing the possibility of an intrusion and what steps you need to take to prevent security breaches.

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