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Security Fencing East Kilbride
Ironcraft-Security Fencing East Kilbride,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing East Kilbride,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing East Kilbride,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing East Kilbride,Scotland

Security Fencing East Kilbride

Ironcraft Steel Fabrication provide a security fencing design and installation service to the East Kilbride area.

Why the right security fencing solutions at your East Kilbride property are essential

Business or home, they are two areas of your life that you will want to protect. There are numerous ways of doing this and one is to stop people gaining access to your property.

Security fencing can be something as simple as a wooden fence around a domestic property, or as involved and complex as electric fencing at an industrial complex. But, getting the right fencing solution is essential – opt for one type in a certain setting, and it will not be enough but neither do you want to spend thousands of pounds on a system that you don’t really need.

Why do you need security fencing?

There are various reasons:

  • Defines boundaries – many businesses (and domestic customers too) erect a fence to denote where their land or property starts and end.
  • Psychological deterrent – it seems obvious but, the property with a fence and a gate will be passed over for a property that has neither. In other words, it is psychologically easier to intrude on a property where there is no obvious barrier.
  • Physical deterrent – cutting through, burrowing under or climbing over security fencing at your East Kilbride property signify two things to an intruder: time and risk. It takes time to do all these things and the risk of being caught of therefore greater.
  • Prevents unauthorised vehicles too – intruders will not always walk on to your property, they will attempt to use vehicles too
  • Prevents removal of goods – some security fencing, although they may inadvertently let people in can actually be the biggest deterrent in that they stop people leaving!
  • Can help catch intruders and thieves – and finally, with the need for time to get through security fencing, it can be easier for the police to apprehend intruders into or onto your property

Getting the right security fencing is simply essential, thus bear in mind:

  • Purpose – what is it that the fence needs to do? Do you want it as a psychological deterrent or does it need to be robust in the face of possible frequent intruder attacks?
  • Traffic flow – how your property is used will also affect some choices of security fencing type
  • Vulnerable points – a full risk assessment should look at any weak spot in the property perimeter and look to offer solutions
  • Likelihood of intrusion – under the threat posed is important in meeting it with an effective security fencing system

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