Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Kilmarnock,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Kilmarnock,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Kilmarnock,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Kilmarnock,Scotland

Security Fencing Kilmarnock

Ironcraft Steel Fabrication provide a security fencing design and installation service to the Kilmarnock area.

Security fencing in Kilmarnock on a budget

Protecting your business premises or home from an intruder can be an expensive business. But with criminals becoming ever sophisticated in their crimes, deterrents also need to be sophisticated too.

However, there is one thing that still comes highly recommended – removing the opportunity for people to gain unauthorised access. This can be something as simple as shutting and locking a door, to installing the highest grade security fencing in Kilmarnock.

But, you will have a budget and thus, getting the best fencing for the best price that does the best job is key...

Is all fencing classed as security fencing?

In a nutshell, no. Some fencing is classed as boundary fencing; in other words, it marks the end and start of your property line. It can be a barrier but in most cases, it tends to be only a few feet high, easier enough for someone to hop over.

Security fencing for Kilmarnock customers tend to be far higher – a dizzying 12foot plus in some instances – and made from materials that clearly show it is a fence designed to prevent intrusion. There are also changes in how the security fencing is installed too. For example, some chain link fence has the bottom part of the panel dug into the ground to prevent people from digging beneath it.

How do I know which style and type to choose?

As well as your budget possibly being a deciding factor, there are other variables you may want to consider such as:

  • Frequency you will be using the fence and/or gate – this is important because if it is too much of a nuisance to gain access on a regular basis, people will not use the system to its full advantage.
  • The surrounding area – in some cases, choosing a similar style security fence can give it a more pleasant impact
  • Planning consents and permissions – some security fencing installations will need planning, especially those that are over 6 feet tall, in residential areas and in some cases, fences that will be electrified will also need permission

Will the fence be impenetrable?

Unfortunately, anyone with determination and time could still technically break through the fencing but, thieves tend to be opportunistic thus, spending time and determination to break through a fence may not be something they want to do.

To get the best defence from security fencing at your Kilmarnock property, check the fencing regularly for issues such as holes, worn areas or where someone has tried to dig underneath. Always get these repaired promptly.

Where can I get more help and information?

Contact Ironcraft Steel Fabrications Ironcraft for not only further detail on styles and types of security fencing but a competitive quotation too.


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