Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft Steel Fabrications - Steel Fabrications, Glasgow,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Paisley,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Paisley,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Paisley,Scotland
Ironcraft-Security Fencing Paisley,Scotland

Security Fencing Paisley

Ironcraft Steel Fabrication provide a security fencing design and installation service to the Paisley area.

Are you thinking of installing security fencing at your Paisley property?

If you are, there are some basic facts that you need to be aware of. Here we outline some of these that you may want to consider…

Do you need planning permission for security fencing at a Paisley property?

This is dependent on a number of factors. We always advise that anyone looking to install any kind of fencing that they carefully examine the planning rules in their area.

  • If gates, walls, security fencing and so on are to be taller than 2 metres high, you will generally need planning permission.
  • Properties that are listed will also need planning consent and you may find that you are limited to using a certain material and style of fencing.
  • If the security fencing of your Paisley home backs on to a public highway, you may need planning permission if it to be taller than 1 meter in height.

Will security fencing add value to my Paisley property?

There is a distinct possibility that security fencing could add value to your property but, there are factors to bear in mind:

  • Professionally installed fencing will be viewed more favourably than a DIY one
  • Planning permission must have been granted and all the paperwork complete
  • The fencing must correspond to any standards or regulation
  • The security fence must be in keeping with the property; no one wants to live in a home with razor wire across the top of the fence
  • It needs to be well maintained

Is electric security fencing at my Paisley property an option?

Electric fencing can be a welcome addition as it sends out a clear message and deterrent to would be intruders. However, it does come with additional responsibilities.

Although it does have an electrical current running through it, clearly you do not want people being unintentionally hurt. There needs to be clear signs warning that the fence is electrified and that touching or climbing it could result in injury.

It will also need to be maintained to a high standard too.

Can security fencing look stylish?

Security fencing should add style to a property, as well as making it more secure and marking the edge of a land boundary too.

If you would like to know more about security fencing in Paisley, turn to a reputable company for help and advice.

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Please contact Ironcraft Steel Fabrications today to discuss your security fencing requirements in Paisley.

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